GrubbyWear BabyFest

GrubbyWear Debut at BabyFest Seattle

They say “You need to crawl before you can walk..” so, that’s what GrubbyWear’s Chief Designer Lydia Withrow was doing (as well as meeting, greeting and SELLING!!!) during our first trade show presentation this past weekend at BabyFest NW, ” the Ultimate Expo for Expectant & New Parents!”

Take it away, Lydia and tell us all about it!!

BabyFest was a truly fun and unique experience, and we will be looking forward to the show in Portland this coming spring. The excitement from all the expectant and new parents was truly contagious!

Every Boy Loves To Get Grubby

Every Boy Loves To Get Grubby

This was the first event that we have done of its kind, so it was hard to tell what to expect, but it turned out to be a really great show! We had a constant stream of excited North West mothers and fathers at our booth, each wanting to know all about the features of The Grubby. I would say that the “frosting on the cake” feature for this product is that it stuffs down so small. When I showed off the tiny “stuff sack” the Grubby is kept in while not in use, there were literally Oooo’s and Awwww’s!

Grubby Wear LLC donated 100 Grubbys to the premium swag bag for the event, so it was great to be able to tell enthusiastic mothers to look in their bag because they already had one!

Not only were the attendees to the show awesome, the fellow vendors were pretty inspiring as well. To our right and left were other start up baby products created by mothers who saw a need for their baby that was not currently available to the masses; so they took it upon themselves to create that for other mothers and babies. This is exactly how Grubby Wear started, so it’s really cool to see other companies starting and succeeding in the same way.