What can the Grubby be used for?

The grubby is great for any messy situation that you can think of!

  • Early walkers and crawlers at the park
  • Arts and craft projects
  • Messy eaters
  • Pretty much anything your adventurous toddler might get in to!

Is the Grubby waterproof?

The Grubby is water resistant, with a durable polyurethane coating, but is not 100% waterproof. This allows the Grubby to maintain a level of breath-ability while still offering superior water resistance. Grubby is reinforced at high impact points: the knees and the tush to increase water protection.

Is the Grubby Warm?

The Grubby can be used in place of a light jacket or windbreaker, but on cold winter days it will fit over a coat or large sweater.

Can I machine-wash the Grubby?

Yes! The grubby is machine washable. We recommend a low temperature, and hang to dry. However, the Grubby can also be easily cleaned by a quick rinse-off in the sink, and sometimes a quick brush-off is all you need.

How do I choose the right size for my child?

Our size chart includes approximate age ranges, but also maximum height limits as well. The grubby runs large to accommodate fitting a jacket or a fleece bunting underneath. We recommend looking at height/weight recommendations, as the largest size easily fits children as large as 3 or even 4.

Grubby Size Chart
6-12 Months Up to 28 inches
12-18 Months Up to 32 inches
18-24 Months Up to 36 inches


What if I order the wrong size?

Grubby Wear will happily exchange any unused products.

Does the Grubby comply with current safety standards?

Absolutely! The Grubby has been tested by an accredited third party to receive Child Product Standards Certification (CPSC). The Grubby meets all international standards in areas including flammability, lead, small parts safety, and colorfastness.