About Us


Grubbywear, LLC is a family-owned company based in Seattle, WA and started by my husband and me after one too many muddy days at the park. Here in Seattle, the joke goes that “there are two seasons: rainy, and July.” For much of the year it rains at least once in a 48-hour period, but if we let this stop us from going to the park or a playground, we would be stuck inside all the time. Still, before my second daughter could walk, it was tempting to skip the park rather than watch her crawl through mud or wet grass on her stomach. The mud stains! The grass stains! The laundry! Our thoughts were “If only we had some kind of water resistant shell that we could just slip on her at the park to keep her clean and dry…!!”

After inspiring my daughters to be ‘beta testers’ and experiment with different designs and materials, The Grubby was born in March 2015. Every single time we took our daughters to the park in their prototypes (in Seattle, in the rainy spring), mothers flocked me to find out where they could find a similar suit. We then brought samples that included different sizes and colors back to the park and enlisted ‘tiny volunteers’ to try.

Grubby and Grubberal in Action

Grubby and Grubberal in Action

The Moms of our little testers begged us to let them keep the sample products, so they could avoid soaking through future park outfits (we did). Those Moms told us of their woes with other products designed for a similar purpose: “wears out in the knees,” “too heavy,” “too complicated to put on,” “not water resistant!”  We poured all their feedback into our final product.

Since then, we are never without our Grubby. In Seattle, we never let a little rain stop us, and now we never have mud on our clothes either! We hope you enjoy the Grubby and find as many uses for it (art projects! Spaghetti eating contests!) as we do.

Go forth and get messy!

Tamar Azous

Founder and CEO