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Get Your Grubby On! Cutest Darn Coverall for Kids Ever!

The MomTrepreneurs here at Seattle, WA-based Grubby Wear LLC is pleased and proud to announce our ‘soft-launch’ of “The Grubby” ,  the only all-purpose, coverall-jumpsuit for active toddlers (ages 9 months to 3 years) that little ones can jump into over their ‘day clothes’ and then jump around, roll around and just “get grubby,”

Where do Moms, Dads and ‘designated parents’ like to have their little ones cover up their clothes with The Grubby?

Well, we’re from Seattle, where its usually wet. The ground (whether grass covered, sandbox-saturated, or layered in leaves) at Playgrounds and Parks is often damp thanks to a recent rain or early morning dew. That’s why we designed The Grubby using best quality Nylon fabric that’s water-resistant, yet lite-weight. Continue Reading →