Grubby Wear Celebrates Amazon Prime Day with 50% Off!

While some¬†of us Moms are still¬†“adding seats to the family dinner table” (like me, whose latest production, a beautiful baby boy whose nickname is “Oz” and is now 4 months old!),¬†many more¬†of us Moms wait all year to grab¬†the great deals that have made Amazon Prime Day¬†the biggest “Online Shop-a-Thon” of¬†them all.


Call me “Oz”

And, because Grubby Wear LLC is an Amazon¬†Prime vendor, we’re ¬†thrilled to be leading the Amazon Prime Day effort by providing 50% Off the price of any and all Grubby purchases made July 12 2016. And, there is NO LIMIT TO QUANTITIES PURCHASED!

Our 50% Off Sale lasts 24 hours and starts at 12:01 am July 12 and ends at 11:59 PM July 12. NO LIMIT TO QUANTITIES PURCHASED!

The good news is that any toddler age 6mo-2yrs old can #GetYourGrubbyOn and keep those play clothes clean. But,¬†n order to get¬†a¬†50% DISCOUNT on your Grubby purchase, you will need to use promo code “Grubby12” at checkout.

What’s the big deal about 50% Off?! It means that instead of investing¬†$29.99 for our¬†lite weight, water resistant and stain resistant coverall jumpsuit. your total cost is just $14.99 for¬†Seattle’s¬†most talked-about kid’s clothing coverall.

Pick from any of our 3 favorite-selection colors, pick any size and then choose a second one, or a third, or purchase an even dozen and share the extras with your Mom friends who have little rascals that get just as grubby as your little one(s)!

Just click on “SHOP” button and at checkout, enter promo code Grubby12.

Remember, the Grubby Amazon Prime Day special sale lasts for only 24 short hours, starting at 12:01am July 12 and ending 11:59pm July 12!

Enjoy our sale! And tell your friends about us!