Got Twins? We’ve Got You Covered! Twin Toddler Flash Sale

Got Twins? As a Mom, I know that means “double the trouble” when it comes to keeping play clothes and party clothes clean. Triplets?! A small team of toddlers??!!! No worries, Grubby Wear has got you covered! And, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Grubby Wear just came up with a “Twin Toddler Flash Sale”  (good thru Mother’s Day 2016) that provides One (1) Grubby at NO CHARGE when you purchase 2 or more. grubbywear-got-twins-sale

That’s right, purchase 2 (or more), and we’ll completely wipe out the charge for one Grubby at check-out. Why?


To celebrate the latest addition to our family, we’ve been inspired to create a special discount for Moms With Twins (or triplets), and for Moms with multiple toddlers who want to keep active kids’ clothes clean of mud stains, grass stains, or the hard-to-clean “grubby stuff” that “some how” manage to appear on clothes after our toddlers dive into arts and craft projects or while snacking, or when strapped into the car seat while en route to a special destination.

The ‘deal’ is a simple; when purchasing a Grubby for each of your twin toddlers, we believe you should be able to buy “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”! You should also be able to enjoy a special discount for bulk orders. So, we’re making it easy..

Step 1: Click SHOP and we’ll bring you straight to our fulfillment partners at

grubbywear-got-twins-flash-saleStep 2: Select 2 items (any color i.e. Raspberry Rascal, Peek-A-Blue or Turquoise Turtle, or  any size i.e. 6-12 mo, 12-18 mo or 18-24 mo)

Step 3: Enter Promo Code “2Toddler” in the shopping cart check-out. Your purchase price will automatically update and take $29.99 off the total amount shown–providing you with free Grubby!

Need to purchase more than 2?? We’ve got you covered. Enter the promo code “2Toddler” and we’ll take $29.99 off the entire purchase price at check-out.


Step 5. Remember the promo code: “2Toddler” (case sensitive)

Step 6: GetYourGrubbyOn!

Need a bulk discount? Click on the “Contact” Button and we’ll be happy to offer you a special deal.

Rules: Only One purchase per customer. Offer Good thru Mother’s Day Only. Cannot be used with any other offers.

OK TO SHARE THIS VIA FB, Twitter or simply tell your friends and family all about it!

Happy Mother’s Day in Advance!